Additional Services

Scratch Removal ($50/hr)

Scratches that are in the clear coat but not into the paint can usually be high speed buffed out and/or color sanded (2000 grit sandpaper) then buffed out. The charge for this varies depending on the size and nature of the scratch. It is best to have us look at the vehicle and give you an estimate for this service.

Wheel Polishing ($20/Wheel)

This is an average cost of wheels 14″-20″ in size that are in “polishing” condition. Larger wheels and/or wheels in need of sanding or compounding will need to be seen before given a quote.

Paint Over-Spray Removal ($20/Panel):

Paint over-spray is removed with an item called CLAY which does not scratch and does not leave swirl marks like high speed buffing can.

Odor Removal ($10/hr)

There are a few different ways to remove odors, therefore it is best to let us look at the vehicle and give an estimate first.
Commercial grade air freshener ($15-$35)
Ozone Machine ($10/hr)